P.K.K.driving school
P.K.K.driving school is coming soon. Different from ordinary driving schools, P.K.K offers intensive courses at low costs.

We have just printed our first newsletter. Now, we will be keeping you current on news and current events in Shiroishi.

The Shiroishi gCute Noodleh Tour
hMenkoi tanken taih is our local noodle-tasting tour. Noodles are famous here in Shiroishi and we have created a map of all the best restaurants to visit.
The Menkoi part of our name is a play on words. While men is a word for noodles,
and koi is a word for gcome with ush, gMenkoih together means gcuteh in local dialect.
Why donft you join us? We take a tour every Tuesday and Friday.
Time: 13:00
Meeting place: Sumaru-yashiki

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